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Applying to a Program

We are excited that you are interested in studying abroad!

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. However, to ensure the best experience possible, is important to do your research on which program is a best fit for you and start planning as early as you can.

Here at Harper, we have two different types of programs:  Faculty-led and Affiliated/Partner Programs

Faculty-led programs are short-term (usually 1 to 3 weeks over summer, spring break, or winter break), led by a Harper College faculty, and with other Harper College students.

Affiliate/Partner programs are programs offered through Harper College's accredited study abroad partner organizations. Our affiliate partners offer programs varying in length (from 2 weeks to a whole semester), varying locations (over 30 countries!), and offer courses in almost every area of study.


Meet with an Office of International Education (OIE) staff members. They can advise you on all program options, timelines, locations, cost, and more!
Email to schedule an appointment.


If you want to ensure a study abroad program fits into your academic plan, meet your with academic advisor about fitting study abroad into your plan.


Once you know the program you want to apply for, find it through this site's Program Search.
*PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying to any partner programs, you will have to complete an application on their site as well. To easily tell if you are looking at a partner program, there will be an acronym in the name (such as ISA, KEI, CCIS, CAPA, ICISP, etc.)

If you ever have any questions, please email!