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Disability Guidlines

Study Abroad Disability Accommodation Guidelines for Students

*Please note that these guidelines apply to students participating in a short-term, faculty-led program. 

1.) Fill out an online ADS application and contact the ADS office to schedule an intake appointment. The phone number is 847.925.6266 and email is

2.) Attend your ADS intake appointment where a Disability Specialist will determine eligibility and approve accommodation.

3.) Set up a meeting with Dr. Richard Johnson to discuss what study abroad programs you are interested in and any scholarships/travel grants that are available to you.

4.) Schedule a meeting with your Disability Specialist at least 12 weeks in advance to discuss your study abroad program and the accommodations you may need. Your Disability Specialist will complete a study abroad accommodation request form for you. You will be asked by your Disability Specialist to provide your consent to release information to the staff who are involved with the study abroad program to initiate the process of arranging reasonable, appropriate accommodations, if any.

5.) If you disagree with the Disability Specialist's decision to approve or deny an accommodation request, you may file an appeal in accordance with the ADS Accommodation Appeal guidelines.