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Diversity and Identity Abroad

The Office of International Education is committed to being an inclusive, respectful, and equitable educational community for students of all genders, sexualities, abilities, ages, socioeconomic classes, nationalities and ancestries, immigration statuses, races, ethnicities, military histories, and religious and cultural identities. Participating students, faculty, and staff are expected to do their part to uphold this commitment so as to ensure that the program remains accessible to all involved.

LGBTQ+ Resources 

Diversity Abroad LGBTQ+ Students Abroad Webpage LGBT Student Guide

First-Generation Students Abroad

Diversity Abroad's advice for First-Generation students

Racial & Ethnic Minority Students Abroad

Diversity Abroad's advice for racial and ethnic minority students

Economically Disadvantaged Students

Diversity Abroad's advice for economically disadvantaged students

Students with Disabilities

Diversity Abroad's advice for students with disabilities