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Faculty-Led Programs

Basic Information on Faculty-led programs:

  • Faculty-led programs are short-term and usually run either Winter Break, Spring Break, or over the Summer term.
  • The program consists of one, sometimes multiple, Harper course(s) led by full-time or adjunct Harper College faculty.
  • The program usually has 10-15 students, with 2 faculty/staff members.
Faculty-led programs can vary from year to year. Check this website for any faculty-led programs accepting applications OR contact the Office of International Education for information on current programs.

You will apply through this site for faculty-led programs. In order to participate in a Harper College Faculty-led program, you must create an account and complete the entire application process in a timely manner for the specific program in which you wish to participate.  Participation in any Harper College Faculty-led program is contingent upon successful completion and acceptance through this system.

Here is information on how to create an application: TD - How to create an application.pdf
View faculty-led programs under the 'Featured Programs' tab under 'Programs' : Featured Programs

Annual Program:
BIO 150 - Field Biology (Costa Rica) - Spring Term with travel to Costa Rica in January

Past programs:
ENG 102 - Nicaragua
SOC 205 - England
HUM 107/GEO 103 - Uganda
HUM115 - Zimbabwe
ART 105 - Italy
LIT 220 - Japan